Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Google News To Include Palestinian Propaganda?

In my very first post explaining the purpose of this blog, So Many Lies, So Little Time, I lamented:
So much of the media has bought into the mythology and revisionist history sold by Palestinian propagandists it really does make me ill. For Americans, Europeans, and others throughout the world who have never been to Israel, who do not have any historical context on the conflict, and who do not get their news from a variety of sources tend to accept whatever their favorite media outlet says as the unvarnished truth.
We accept that the web, however, has a tremendous diversity of viewpoints from virtually every perspective. I would never claim that this blog doesn't have a bias though I do try and post factual information and backup my claims with links to source stories when I can find them on the web. Our search engines, however, we assume are unbiased and work to some sort of algorithm that is purely mathematical or logical and free from bias. Indeed, this is the explanation Google uses to make us understand why a search on the word "Jew" yields, as one of the first entries, an anti-Semitic hate site called Google is good enough to apologize for the fact that their search engine parameters turn up hate sites so prominently.

In this context it is impossible for me to fathom why Google would choose to feed equally hateful anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda as if it was news from a respected site. Still, that is precisely what the right-wing web site Front Page Magazine is alleging in an article by Lee Kaplan published today. While I find the politics of Front Page Magazine an anathema to my own liberal values I am also unable to imagine why they would want to smear Google. I am left to conclude that this might well be true. The good news is that the Front Page Magazine is a call to action to prevent this type of change on Google News.

The article states that Google is about to give news agency status to the International Solidarity Movement, which, as their URL implies, is, in fact, a site for international solidarity with the Palestinian cause and, indeed, Palestinian terrorism. While claiming to be a peace movement the ISM has repeatedly leveled false charges and claimed false "Israeli atrocities". That's fine when they are viewed as a Palestinian group. Palestinian propaganda is well known. If, on the other hand, you feed these stories as "news" under the Google name the result is that people believe these big stripey lies are an accurate reporting of the news.

Take the Front Page Magazine article with a huge grain of salt if you like. I certainly do because I don't trust them to be an honest news source. I do, however, believe their call to write Google makes sense. Ask Google about this. After all, if its true then I'll will concede to the inevitability of Farber's Fourth Law: "Necessity is the mother of strange bedfellows." I'll align myself with right-wingers and join them in saying:
If you'd like to contact Google News, email them at
I do think this is tremendously important not only if you are a friend of Israel but if you simply value the truth. Let the conflict with the Palestinians be judged based on fact, not propaganda. I have always felt that the facts weigh heavily on the side of Israel.

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