Thursday, August 04, 2005

A New, Different Audience

Up until now my Israel & Aliya blog has been linked or quoted, as far as I know, only on political websites and blogs, including some sites that have an agenda I seriously disagree with (i.e.: the right-wing conservative forum Free Republic.) To say that I disagree with people there most all the time would be a mild way of putting it. Still, I don't at all mind if American conservatives support Israel. I actually appreciate it. I do want them educated on the issues involved. The larger my audience, the more diverse, the better.

Starting today this blog is being streamed to (Thanks, Mary!) My personal blog and the blog about my pet ferrets have been streamed there for a little while. I avoided adding this blog because I wasn't sure it was appropriate and I didn't want to create controversy. After seeing other political postings and after a discussion on one of the LinuxChix lists that encouraged me to go ahead I asked Mary to include this blog. The discussion reminded me why I like being involved in LinuxChix: it's a group of very intelligent, open-minded women (and some men) who are more than willing to see different viewpoints. So... if you are reading this for the first time from the website, welcome!

Hopefully my writing will prompt some people to do some independent research on the nature and causes of the Israeli-Palestinian and wider Israeli-Arab conflict and encourage people to look at things in a different way that they perhaps might have done before.

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