Wednesday, September 08, 2004

So many lies, so little time

Every day I read the news from Israel, watch it on TV, and read the world's reaction. So much of the media has bought into the mythology and revisionist history sold by Palestinian propogandists it really does make me ill. For Americans, Europeans, and others throughout the world who have never been to Israel, who do not have any historical context on the conflict, and who do not get their news from a variety of sources tend to accept whatever their favorite media outlet says as the unvarnished truth.

Why should you believe me and not CNN, BBC, Reuters, Free Speech Radio/TV, or whomever you like this week? Well... try and decide if they have a bias and why. What is their political motivation? Do their reporters have the necessary historical context? Are they interested in sensationalism and ratings? Do they want to keep things simple so their audience understands?

What of the U.N. and European governments? Do they have political interests tied to the Arab world? Large Muslim minorities? Economic interests in the Arab world? A history of anti-Semitism?

The purpose of this blog, in part, will be to challenge perceptions and challenge you to think and do your own research. It will debunk and unspin the biased media reports I find.

A good place to start reading is Alan Dershowitz' excellent book, "The Case for Israel". He does a great job, with well referenced and researched facts, of laying out an accurate picture of the history of the region, the conflict, and the motivations behind the lies.

Am I biased? You bet! Of course I am! I still can try and be objective and try and stick to facts.

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