Saturday, August 20, 2005

Attacked From Both the Right and the Left

I've been watching the coverage, both on U.S. and Israeli television, of the removal of the settlers from Gaza. It is honestly heartbreaking. Some of these people had lived there all their lives. If this was part of a peace agreement maybe it wouldn't be so bad. To know that it may end up being a base for terrorism makes me all the more upset. Yes, I've supported disengagement, and yes, I think it was necessary. It doesn't make it any easier to watch.

I have, in my writing both in this blog and in various other online political fora, steadfastly defended Prime Minister Sharon's disengagement plan. In some liberal circles any defense of a Prime Minister from the right, from Likud, is somehow a betrayal even if this Prime Minister is, in effect, implementing what was originally proposed by Labor. He must, of course, have ulterior motives, like perhaps annexing the West Bank.

In conservative circles supporting any withdrawal from Eretz Yisrael is equally a betrayal. Prime Minister Sharon is seen as a traitor by the right. This Beth Goodtree piece is a good example of how much the Prime Minister is being villified for pulling out of Gaza. Since I support him I must be some kind of self-hating Jew and I am effectively supporting the first step in the destruction of Israel. At least that's what some of my e-mail says.

I see both sides as ideologically motivated. I see neither as saying anything vaguely factual. I am not an idealog. I am a pragmatist and I maintain my support.

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Vermyndax said...

I am now Jewish, so my opinions on the matter hold little weight I'm sure. However, I think the disengagement was necessary as well and I applaud Sharon for having the personal courage to step up to the plate and make an offer toward ending the strife. Finding a solution for peace is give/take for both sides if you want to avoid an all-out war. If relocating people will go toward stopping senseless killings, it's a good move in my eyes.

If, however, the terrorists continue, well... I say Israel lays the business down on them.

So I at least, support your views.