Saturday, March 12, 2016

Where Did All The Blog Posts Go?

During the first ten years I had this pro-Israel blog there were periods of furious activity and periods of almost total inactivity. For the past 15 months it's been entirely silent. Most of my pro-Israel activism had shifted to social media and, while dealing with a difficult period in my personal life, my muse was essentially gone anyway. I needed a break.

I'm writing a lot about Israel again. I have maybe a dozen half written articles and notes for more. However, most of them won't end up here. Why? I'm now blogging for The Times of Israel which, I hope, will help me reach a much larger audience. Anything which isn't TOI material will still end up here.

So... please visit my page and my writing on The Times of Israel page and feel free to comment, criticize, kvetch, you name it.

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