Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm Heartless - Part 1: Flare Guns and Firecrackers

Back in 2006 I wrote about the comments to this blog, the ones filled with hatred and vitriol and the ones filled with nothing but Palestinian propaganda and misinformation, which I don't publish. I've received some like that in response to my post about the extreme anti-Israel bias in CBS News broadcasts, comparing it to the relatively good coverage we've seen from most other mainstream media in the United States. One of those comments from an anonymous coward started and ended with two words, all in caps: "You're heartless". What makes me heartless? I'm going to handle his or her points in reverse order.

Those 2,000 Hamas rockets fired into Israel in this conflict, and the 12,000 fired from Gaza in total, "might as well be flare guns". One equally deluded person on Facebook called them "firecrackers". Take a look at the Syrian-made M-302 rockets Hamas is using and tell me that nonsense again. Yes, it's true Israel has a defense in Iron Dome that works 90% of the time. No other nation would tolerate the rocket fire that can and does kill people. Why on earth would Israel? Oh, and yes, Israelis have died from the rocket fire. All it would take would be a rocket landing on a school, busy shopping mall or a "peace" demonstration in Tel Aviv and the death toll would suddenly be a lot less uneven. 90% effective isn't 100%, is it?

Look, every civilian death is a tragedy. Hamas is responsible for most Palestinian deaths. A higher body count is better PR in their twisted calculations. They are deliberately using their own people as human shields, firing from in or near hospitals, schools, mosques and densely populated neighborhoods. If they had stopped firing when Egypt twice proposed cease fires before the ground offensive began there would have been no Israeli incursion. None. Israel accepted those cease fire proposals and Hamas did not. Now that Israeli troop are in Gaza it became clear that the thread from Hamas was far greater than previously believed.

Every nation has a responsibility to protect it's citizens. Why is Israel denied that by the left? I believe the answer has been shown over and over again in the demonstrations in Europe, with their calls to "gas the Jews" and "Jews to the ovens". So, no, anonymous cowards, I am not heartless. In part 2 I will show how this particular bleeding heart actually favors genocide, so long as the victims are Jews.

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