Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Linked and Quoted By Iranians

One thing I certainly never expected was to see my Zionist blog quoted and linked from an Iranian news site or Iranian news blog. Today that happened...

The title of the article is "Jews Must Go Back To Europe". The link is in the third paragraph, as is the quotation. What's next, my very own fatwa?

It really is great that my political writing is being recognized and quoted all over the place. Some recognition, though, I might be better off without.

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Sabzi Aash said...

It's not so bad though - the article and the blog in question seem pretty benign. The author is agreeing with you.

kevin said...

I believe you're mistaken. That link is to a British 'Channel 4 News' blog run by their correspondents in Iran. Only one of them is of Iranian extraction (Borna Alikhani); the rest are presumably all Britons. I think the title, "Jews must go back to Europe", which is only a quote of Ahmadinejad and not an endorsement by the blog, may have thrown you off. Though most of the blog tends to support a more moderate and conciliatory attitude towards Iran, this particular article is actually quite accordant with your own views as I see expressed in your blog. I therefore suggest that it might be wise to note their deference and correct your misstatement.

Here's their main website: http://www.channel4.com/news/

Caitlyn said...

Kevin, I think you missed my point. There are a number of Persian names associated with that blog. Their target audience certainly seems to be Iranian. I was NOT suggesting that the autbe hostile towards me. What I was suggesting was that their post may get me noticed by Iranians.

As such I do NOT feel I need to make a correction as I did NOT make a misstatement. My post stands as is.