Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It Seems I'm Not The Only One...

It seems I am not the only one blogging about the new coalition agreement. In a tongue-in-cheek piece in his blog The Sunken Synagogue titled You Could Be A Minister Too Sabzi Aash writes:Many people seem bothered by this, but I say, the more the merrier. There's plenty of important work to be done in this country, and why should any elected official be left feeling inconsequential? I would suggest increasing the number of ministers as much as possible. There's no reason why every member of the Knesset can't have his very own post and volvo to go with it.Some of his suggested new portfolios include:
  • Minister of Deception and Policy Reversal
  • Minister of Miseducation
  • Minister of Unaesthetics, Unfunctionality, and Homogenization
  • Minister of Societal Breakdown
  • Minister of Party Proliferation
  • Minister of Media Bias
  • Minister of the Euthanization of the Dead Sea
  • Minister of Corruption
He explains how each of these new ministries will benefit Israeli society. It's very funny and a very good read.

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