Friday, October 02, 2009

Boycott Britain

Anyone who knows me knows I like tea. I drink a lot of it. I always buy loose leaf tea of all sorts. One of the least expensive brands of loose leaf tea, and one that sells excellent English and Irish Breakfast Tea blends, is Twinings, a British company. Today I went shopping and walked right past the Twinings tea. I am buying tea from American companies, imported Chinese tea, anything but British. Today I started my personal boycott of all things British and I urge everyone who supports Israel to join me.

In case you haven't following the news the British are increasingly boycotting Israeli goods and services. Major British trade unions have been boycotting Israel since 2007. AISH has published an alarming report about the rise of anti-Semitism, not just anti-Zionism, in the UK and how it is no longer taboo to express hatred and loathing for the Jewish people in Britain. Even the BBC, which has repeatedly stoked the flames of anti-Semitism with its strong anti-Israel bias, reported a record rise in UK anti-Semitism in the first half of this year. In the spring of last year Hebrew University historian Robert S. Wistrich, who was himself educated at Cambridge Univesity stated, ”Britain has become the center for the meeting of anti-Semitic trends in Europe.” The sharp rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic attacks in Britain has been reported every year since 2005.

So.. if the British hate me and my family just because we are Jewish why should I support them, their businesses and their economy? If the British hate Israel, where much of my family lives, with a passion, why on earth would I want to send my hard earned money to that dispicable country? I'd rather buy American or Israeli products. When it comes to products that aren't made or grown in the U.S. or Israel, like tea, then I'll support almost anybody else before I'll support the UK. I'm enjoying a wonderful cup of Blooming apricot flavored black tea from China right now.

Please follow the links I've provided and read up on this for yourself. If you're Jewish, a supporter of Israel, or just plain think that anti-Semitism is as disgusting as any other form of ethnic or religious intolerance or racism, please join me in this boycott.


S'mon said...

But who do us pro-Israel Brits boycott?

Aaron said...

As an Israeli student in London, I love it and in London, I have found a beautiful Jewish girlfriend in London, last night we went to see the lighting of one of the worlds largest Menorahs in . We both have very happy and active Jewish lifes.

1. Please look up Stacey Solomon - a UK Jewish girl who came third this week out of 400,000 people in a UK Pop idol style contest. She is the nations new sweetheart.

But I do not think that if you boycott tea that the UK will crumble

Trade alone between UK and Israel was £3 billion British pounds, thats a zillion Shekels, or about $6 billion dollars, as the dollar is and has been so weak for the last few years compared to the British pound. Thats a hell a lot of tea you are calling to 'boycott'...

Facts, in 2008 - more than 250 solely owned Israeli firms operated in the UK. And over 50 are currently raising capital on the London Stock Exchange.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange created a partnership - in 2008 that saw the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange GROW by 32%..

Evidenced at this link (this is just notes from a meeting but is informative), rather than talkback hearsay: