Friday, May 12, 2006

That Didn't Take Long...

That didn't take long... not long at all. The Bush Administration, following the lead of the European Union and the United Nations, is funding the Hamas government in the territories. Of course this is for "humanitarian aid", aid the Palestinians have a long history of diverting to corrupt officials and to terrorism. It is also for Palestinian Authority salaries. The P.A., of course, is run by Hamas. The aid will flow through the office of President Mahmoud Abbas, as if that would make any difference.

While all this wonderful humanitarianism was going on Hamas reminded the world that it will never recognize Israel and claims all of Israel, not just territories captured in 1967. In the words of Moussa Abu Marzouk, deputy head of Hamas's political bureau:
One of Hamas's founding principals is that it does not recognize Israel. We [participated in] the elections and the people voted for us based on this platform. Therefore, the question of recognizing Israel is definitely not on the table unless it withdraws from ALL the Palestinian lands, not only to the 1967 borders.


The resistance is Hamas's agenda, and we will coordinate in the upcoming period with all the factions in order to rally the Palestinian people around the resistance as a strategic option.

Hamas also appealed to the world to provide the things it really wants: arms, fighters, and money for it's war against Israel. Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, speaking in Qatar, said:
We ask all the people in surrounding Arab countries, the Muslim world and everyone who wants to support us to send weapons, money and men

George Santayana's famous quotation, "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.", has never been more true. The Bush administration and the Europeans need to look at what the Palestinians did with their funds up until now. You can never win a war on terrorism by funding the self same terrorists you are fighting.

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