Monday, January 30, 2006

Jewish Geek Humor: Shabot 6000

In this blog I've written about Iran, the Palestinians, anti-Semitism, and anti-Zionism. It's all quite depressing. It really was time for something lighter and a friend sent me just the thing: some Jewish geek humor.

I think most people have been exposed to some Jewish humor. By now most people are aware of geek humor, most famously Dilbert and User Friendly. Now I've found that some bright Jewish guy named Ben Baruch has a sense of humor and has combined the two and the result is Shabot 6000. Yes, that's bot as in robot. It's is just too funny.

Fair warning to my goyishe friends: This comic really requires some knowledge of Judaism. If you grew up in New York and/or have lots of Jewish friends it will still hit the spot. If you're from Billings or Brisbane, well... not so much.

P.S.: Bloggers' spellchecker was probably written by someone from Billings. It doesn't know from Yiddish at all and wanted to change goyishe to geisha.

P.P.S.: For those of you who might be distrubed at a post such as this on a serious political blog I promise to be back writing articles about depressing news from the Middle East by tomorrow.

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